As 2017 draws to a close, we wanted to share a special edition of the Learn Smarter newsletter with links to some of the most read stories from the year.


On everyone's minds: AI and automation

As artificial intelligence, automation, and advances in technology continue to rise, what will the future of work look like? We explored five major themes for the future of jobs training, how Amazon hired robots without losing any human employees, the critical cross-functional skills that will always be in demand, and how automation and AI will affect jobs in the future.

Critical care: the rise of the direct care industry

Despite the potential for AI and automation to disrupt job stability, healthcare is steadily adding jobs for direct care workers, including home health aides, personal care workers, and nursing assistants. While there will be more job opportunities, direct care workers will need consistent training, continued education, and stronger prospects for career advancement in order to better support and sustain the growing elderly population.

Closing time: the retail reckoning

The decline of the retail industry is all over the news, but some retailers have managed to stay afloat: Walmart continues to invest in training front-line workers through Walmart Academy, some brands have found success connecting with their customers through “experience shopping”, and Dollar General has become the the store of choice for rural America.


The way forward: leaders and managers

More baby boomers are retiring and millennials are taking on leadership roles. We explored important skills for future leaders, how organizations can best develop and support leaders, and how managers can support employee learning goals while continuing to generate results and meet business goals.

Practice: A Year in Review

2017 has been a monumental year for Practice. Here’s a look back at what transpired for our team:

• We released version 2 and several robust updates of our applied microlearning platform
• We welcomed new, amazing team members
• We joined thought leaders around the country at leading conferences and events for round table discussions, session panels, and more
• And finally, we became a part of the Instructure family


Looking Ahead

In 2018, we look forward to:

• Expanding our reach to help more people increase their competence and confidence and reach their full potential
• Growing our Practice team while thriving within Instructure

Happy New Year from the Practice team!