Shape of Things to Come

By David Williams | May 17, 2017

The “future of work” has become a hard to miss buzz phrase these days, but what does it really mean? Quartz reports on how former VP and CFO of GE Power, Lynn Calpeter, is being tasked with parsing out a “cleaner definition” of what “the future of work” means specifically for GE. As an employer of 300,000 plus people, GE’s workforce needs are rapidly evolving, and they have spent $4 billion developing new digital products, “some of which make it possible to do more work with fewer people.” The company has addressed this digital evolution with new recruiting efforts and online training programs focused on updating skills for manufacturing workers. Now, Calpeter’s role involves ensuring that the future of work investments, specifically in “technology, re-skilling efforts, and culture”, are actually sound investments for the future of the company. “It would be wonderful to be able to push the ‘easy’ button and say, ‘this is what the future of work is.’” But, it’s not quite that easy. At least not yet.

David has over ten years of marketing experience, most recently with the data infrastructure and analytics startup RJMetrics. Prior to that, he worked at SEER Interactive and vitaminwater. He studied creative writing in college, has written television and film scripts and is a sucker for a good story.