Mirror, Mirror

By Jennifer Eng | March 22, 2017
When we’re intensely focused on productivity, it’s easy to forget to stop and make time to reflect. Yet self-reflection is crucial for our continuous growth and development. It “gives the brain an opportunity to pause amidst the chaos, untangle and sort through observations and experiences, consider multiple possible interpretations, and create meaning.” A recent article in the Harvard Business Review indicates that employees who spent 15 minutes reflecting at the end of the day performed better than those who did not. Reflecting also bolsters productivity, boosts happiness, and reduces burnout. Yet many of us, particularly leaders, don’t consistently self-reflect. Why is this? Some leaders either don’t understand the reflection process, dislike the process and/or the results, or can’t see the ROI. So how should leaders tackle these barriers to self-reflecting? Start small by scheduling short, regular self-reflection times and eventually increase the amount. Then, find a reflection process that fits, and ask colleagues or mentors for help if needed to get the process going — then do it. Not on your calendar yet? Take this challenge: give self-reflection a try for 10 minutes tomorrow. Happy self-reflecting!

Jennifer is the Marketing Manager at Practice. She has a background in education, hospitality, and publishing, and is an advocate for lifelong learning. Jennifer is a JET Program alumna and a Room to Read volunteer.


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