Better Together: Instructure Acquires Practice

By Emily Foote | November 28, 2017

Six years ago, when we started Practice (then known as ApprenNet), there was one company in the education technology space that we looked at to model ourselves after.

• It was a company that, like us, believed in the limitless power of learning.
• It was a company that, like us, believed in the power of software to scale learning.
• And it was a company that, like us, believed in the power of listening to our clients, to our partners, to our teams, and to the world around us to continuously learn and improve.

That company was Instructure, the makers of Canvas, Bridge, Arc, and Gauge.

Today, we are beyond excited to announce that we are now part of the company that we always strived to model ourselves after.

We are writing this blog post to announce Instructure’s acquisition of Practice. However, we are also posting this to let our clients and partners know that your relationship with Practice will remain the same.

• Our team will stay as it is.
• Our product will continue to develop as planned.
• Our services will continue to be provided.
• Our marketing team will continue to share with you leading learning news.

There are, however, a few things that will change. Namely, Practice’s small team of 22 will now be part of a 1,200+ strong team. What does that mean?

• It means we’re going to get a lot smarter learning from each other through our internal Practice exercises.
• It means our monthly PracticeTalks (modeled after TEDTalks) are going to be even cooler.
• It means it will take years before we can get to know all of our new team members through our weekly one-on-one coffee breaks.
• It means we’ll have a lot more appreciation jolts to give.

But most importantly, it means we can expand our impact. In other words, more people will be able to reach their full potential by building their competence and confidence through Practice’s applied microlearning solution. For that, we are extremely grateful and excited.


All our best,

The Practice Team


Driven by the ideal of providing equal education opportunities for all learners, Emily co-founded Practice. A former Teach for America and KIPP teacher, lawyer and luddite, Emily has embraced technology’s potential to help educators scale great teaching and learning. Emily received her B.A. and M.S. Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania and her J.D. from Drexel Law.


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